From our absolute belief that the legal of both  civil or commercial relationship must be accurate and decisive in order to bear its fruit. Therefore, stakeholders will be able to maintain the pace with legal rapid development as well as commercial transactions in light of the modern technological era in which transactions are measured by the speed of their completion, which requires cautious , administrative and legal supervision so that we can overcome the difficulties that might face our clients in different transactions.

Hierarchy of firm services :

Since time plays curial role to our valued customers when debt collection process is happening. Scientific aspect has shown that a peaceful communication with the debtor may yield the desired results in collecting the debt without any additional cost, especially in legal terms which usually increases the costs and debt on the debtor, which impedes the collection of the debt and stretches time further.

We provide our Peaceful Settlements of Disputes Services through specialized department which contains well experienced employees in the field.

Over the years we have achieved satisfactory results for our valued customers in collecting their debts with others and have saved them a lot of time, effort and money.

In the event of amicable solutions are successfully reached, the collection department will follow up with the litigants until it finishes collecting the debt in full, during the agreed payment period in order to preserve the rights of our clients.

Commercial law is considered one of the most important branches of law, and this law was established by merchants themselves relying on the customs and traditions followed their guidance, so that the legislator came later and codified these customs in the form of binding legal clauses and articles.

Since the commercial business is so rapidly developing and growing that it is difficult for the legislator to keep pace with this rapid movement of commercial transactions and the setting up of the law governing it, and even if this legalization was put in place at the necessary speed, we find that after a short period of time, it has become incapable of following these developments Continuing in those transactions, making the steering wheel in business and law in the hands of merchants and commercial companies.

Therefore, lawyers are required, extensive practical experience in dealing and adapting to this steady growth, in a way that preserves for merchants and commercial companies, the speed of decision-making to ensure rights.

We conclude this article, by inviting the owners of commercial companies, that their decision in choosing a lawyer is greatly important, and to consider it a strategic decision, hoping that this word will be enough to show the importance of making this decision.


Commercial Law Department Services:

1- Establishing companies and registering commercial agencies:

Owner must attend meetings incorporation with one of our legal representatives, to negotiate each and every detail with the partners providing our immediate advice in order to ensure that our client rights have been maintained and saved, drafting the necessary contracts in this regard, and companies of all kinds and types registrations procedures, whether the company was a Limited Liability or Simple Liability ..etc. Including to trademark registrations followed by the accurate documentation and confirmations.

2- Banking Operations and Transactions:

Out of our wide experience in banking operations and transactions, we offer our clients required legal consultations to ensure that the are taking the right road in order to avoid any obstacles might occur in the future due to banking operations or transactions, including bank guarantees, credits, investments, loans and international operations.

3- Contracting and BOT contracts:

We draft overlapping contracting contracts, and organize the relationship between the owner and the contractor and the latter with the executors, and organize these relationships with financiers and banks, guarantees overlapping rights.

We also prepare tenders and specifications for projects, public and private tenders and auctions, in addition to finding solutions to disputes that may result from construction and engineering contracts, during all stages of construction to ensure overlapping rights.

4-Commercial insurance:

Business is associated with many risks that requires insurance coverage, so we pay special attention to insurance contracts, negotiate with specialized companies on behalf of the principal, and follow up on the collection of due compensation.

5- Foreign investment:

Assisting foreign investors, supporting them with legal opinion on everything related to the investor and his obligations in Kuwait, explaining the regulations followed in the country in terms of capital and taxes to be paid, and proposing legal solutions to address the legal problems that he may encounter.

We also prepare foreign investment and participation contracts, whether the project is entirely foreign or mixed, and we register those contracts, issue licenses and commercial records to the foreign investor, and represent our clients in all that is necessary before the official and judicial authorities.

6- Taxes:

We provide legal advice to avoid facing double taxation to defend the rights of our clients when taxes are being estimated against the law.

7- Intellectual property rights and trademark publishing:

To preserve intellectual property rights, we draft contracts in a way that prevents all forms of disputes that may arise on these rights, provide legal assistance in accordance with applicable regulations and international agreements, defend copyrights, distribution, patents, literary and artistic works, trademarks, copy rights, and claim redress for damages.

8 – Merging, liquidation and bankruptcy of companies:

We develop the appropriate legal studies and prepare the necessary contracts in the event that companies wish to merge with capital, assets, expertise, or even share risks in a way that guarantees the rights of partners, as well as taking the necessary measures to liquidate and bankrupt commercial companies.

يضم هذا القسم نخبة من المحامين والمستشارين القانونين لما له من أهميه بالغة ، حيث أنه هو من يحدد الدلالة على الطريق الصحيح من بداية التقاضي لكي يسير في المسار الصحيح لتحقيق النتائج المرجوة والمرضية لموكلينا.

ان التشخيص الصحيح من قبل أصحاب الدراية القانونية  قد يقي من الولوج في القضايا دون جدوى، فأعددنا فريقاً يمتلك أعلى المهارات قانونية مستعداً دائما ومتأهباً ليكون بجانب موكلينا وحريصاً على التواصل المستمر ومتابعة القضايا.

كما يقوم قسم القضايا والاستشارات القانونية لدينا بمتابعة خطوات الخصوم القضائية حتى يكون على اطلاع دائم ودراية بما يعده الخصم وكل ما يستجد في القضايا لتلافي صدور أحكام غيابية.

مصالح موكلينا تأتي من ضمن أولوياتنا لحرصنا الدائم على نيل أفضل النتائج فإن قسم القضايا والاستشارات القانونية حريص جداً على الاطلاع بشكل مستمر على كل ما يتم تشريعه وسنه من قوانين جديدة لإخطار موكلينا بها والتي بشكل خاص تصب في مصلحة قضاياهم.

يشمل هذا القسم نخبة من الحاصلين على الدورات الدولية في اختصاص التحكيم ، ولهم سبقاً في عدة قضايا أثارت الرأي العام.

توفر المجموعة خدمة التحكيم والتقاضي في المنازعات المدنية والتجارية وكذلك تنفيذ الأحكام الأجنبية لحسم المنازعات عادةً يستغرق وقتاً زمنياً أقل من اللجوء للإجراءات التقاضي المطلوبة ، مما يجعل المتنازعين في المعاملات التجارية والقضايا المالية يفضلون الفصل فيه بدلاً من القضايا ذات الآجال طويلة الأمد.

قسم المنازعات والتحكيم لدينا يقوم بتمثيل موكلينا في لجان التحكيم اذ ما أثيرت دعاوي بشأن ذلك لما يتميز به من دراية قانونية تجارية بشأن التحكيم تضمن لموكلينا الحصول على أفضل النتائج المرجوة.

يضم قسم متابعة تنفيذ الأحكام والتحصيل لدى مجموعة الدستور والعدالة أفضل العناصر التي لديها خبرات واسعة في مجال تنفيذ الأحكام بعد صدورها لصالح موكلينا لاتخاذ إجراءات التنفيذ ضد الخصوم ومنها على سبيل المثال لا الحصر : الضبط والإحضار ، الحجز على رؤوس الأموال ، حجز البنوك ، الحجز على المنقول وغيرها من الإجراءات التنفيذية.

ايماناً منا بأن متابعة وتفعيل الإجراءات فإن قسم التنفيذ يعتبر القسم الفيصل الذي يحصد نتائج الجهد القانوني ويتوجه بالغاية التي يطمح موكلينا الحصول عليها من مبدأ التقاضي.

مجموعة الدستور والعدالة توفر لموكليها الفهم القانوني والتجاري في المعاملات والعقود الأجنبية يغني موكلينا من اللجوء الى مكاتب أجنبية خارج البلاد. 

لدينا الخبرات الكافية لمساعدة وارشاد الشركات الأجنبية والمستثمرين على فهم طبيعة السوق الكويتي والخليجي في شتى المجالات ، كما نضمن انجاز المعاملات في إطار قانوني دقيق وحاسم لحل النزاع بما لا يتعارض مع مصالح موكلينا.