Justice and Constitution Group has the ambition to achieve leadership and continuity of excellence in the field of its legal competence on the basis of customer satisfaction first and the completion of the cases entrusted to it on time, as we always aim to challenge the temporal and spatial difficulties by achieving what we aspire to and continuing our mission in the best way, as our passion is It is to provide legal work and legal aid and perform it with high quality.

Over the past years, Justice and Constitution Group has proven that it defies difficulties with a highly professional staff, which has achieved a high level of performance through working with our group, as each employee in the group strives to rise to the highest standards of professionalism in work and achievement, in order to provide the best types of services to our valued clients and clients.

Legal knowdgle including accurate predictions, in addition to the outstanding implementation of all production elements were the biggest creditof our group success in the business. In consideration to

the availability and efficiency of human element  standing side by side with practical experiences is the most curial policy pursued by the group to achieve best services delivered to our clients and their performance to the fullest.

The combination of the practical and academic methods with the experience and knowledge of the group made it achieve a high position in the legal market in regard to companies and individuals in all judicial fields in the courts and arbitration forms in the State of Kuwait, as well as international cooperation.

We appreicate and understand the size of respinsibility entrusted to us by the principals, as the contractual commitment between us and the right holders of the our principals is a great responsibility and a trust that the heavens, earth and mountains refused to bear. Therefore, our sober group aspires to the best always and forever for the sake of the public interest and the interest of its clients first and foremost.


Group General Manager

Ali Mohammad Al-Mosawi